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Effects Of Testosterone On Your Body

The first thing that comes to mind when a person hears the word testosterone might be hostility. New research has however shown that this hormone might be greatly misunderstood and may actually be responsible for honest relations and social behavior.

In carrying out research, 46 subject were given testosterone gel while another 45 were given a placebo. The following day all the test subjects were told to roll a dice in private, report the results and get paid according as per the numbers they landed on. Of course, higher rollers would get the most amount. Once the subjects had been paid, the researchers established that those men who had been given the testosterone gel had been honest in their reporting of results.

The reason for this result is the fact that there is an upsurge in your feeling of pride which improves your self-image, and this is credited to high levels of testosterone; cheating jeopardizes both. Subjects were not ready to take put that on the line just for a few dollars.

Testosterone has a lot more benefits other than maintain one’s honesty. As studies have established, other than influencing a person’s behavior, the hormone can also affect an individual’s testosterone levels.

As discovered by researchers, men with lower testosterone levels did not have a chance to win the attention of a physically beautiful woman as compared to those with high levels. Those with higher levels of the hormone took control of the conversation, connected better with women and were more assertive.

Elevated levels of testosterone have been found to prevent untimely death. They have been showing to elongate a person’s life. On the other hand, low levels of the hormone have been connected to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, studies have revealed that men with lower levels of the hormone have a higher probability of ailing from heart diseases.

Ladies also benefit from testosterone, and so in a very significant way. Results from a 2009 study, conducted by the University of the State of Michigan, showed that women with elevated levels of testosterone levels had more positive sexual experiences. The research also revealed that as a result of the high levels of testosterone women experienced sex as a soothing, relaxing and peaceful activity. Previous results have also established the increased likelihood of women to engage in sex frequently and achieve orgasm more if they had increased levels of testosterone.

A woman’s testosterone levels are affected by her menstrual cycle. The Hormones and Behavior journal published a study in which researchers discovered that your level of testosterone reaches its peak every 28 days.  It also happens on weekends, a time when most men reported to be having sex most frequently. Also, sex with several or new partners was found to elevate the level of hormones even higher.

Another research revealed that there was an increase of 35% in testosterone levels in men who watched porn for an hour and 90 minutes after watching. And to no one’s surprise- it was a very enjoyable experience for them. The men also said watching the erotic movies gave them the feeling of bursting with optimism and energy.

Researchers have also studied 98 men to draw conclusions between their testosterone levels and their readiness to take risks with a financial implication. They found that those with higher levels were ready to risk more money. Could we lay the blame for the recession squarely on testosterone?

One of the ways to naturally elevate testosterone levels is to take supplements such as Testostorm. They are safe and do not carry the side effects that are usually associated with testosterone injections.

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